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An Aery Sprite

This dress (pictured below) was inspired by a 1917 photograph taken of the too little-known American nature writer, Opal Whiteley. The angelic-looking Opal is wearing a diaphanous white dress, and butterflies have lit on the dress, her hair, and her outstretched hands.

Dress inspired by 1917 photograph 
of Opal Whiteley

Another View

The dress is a white-on-white patterned voile trimmed with cotton lace, silk flowers with pearls, and origami butterflies folded from white organza.

As the webmaster of The Garden of Origami, I had run across the Fabric Origami Workshop web site, and I had been dying to design a dress using this technique ever since. For a butterfly-themed performance which also featured music inspired by the childhood diary of Opal Whiteley, I finally had a chance to integrate three of my favorite modes of expression: music, origami, and costume design.

Close-up view of origami dress

Detail of organiza origami butterflies


Here is a close-up view of the origami butterflies.

Child in tree

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