Queen Nefertiti stalks through the town

The head of Queen Nefertiti rose to regard the audience from a regal height in the center aisle, while her outstretched arms spanned the entire auditorium. The shadow of her ghastly arms fell briefly over each person, who felt a chill as the giant presence loomed above. All fell silent, and with a faint rustling of shrouded garments and clicking of bones, the shadow passed.

Giant puppet looms over audience





In the Rainforest

Mourning the Last of Her Species
The audience and performers moved as one, suspended in silence. Four dancers slowly bore the dead body of a small animal, the last of its species, in a funeral procession out from the stage, down the main aisle.

A row of standing trees in costumes and masks, dancing to a calypso-inspired celebration, had just been felled by the interruption of a chainsaw. The story, told through music and dance with costumes and masks, is of Beauty, Destruction, Loss, Rage, Reconciliation, and Renewal.

Dancing Trees





OPAL'S BOOK: A child's diary

The lonely six-year-old Opal Whiteley made friends with the plants and animals who lived in nearby forests and meadows of turn-of-the-century Oregon. She christened all her friends with grand literary names taken from the only two books in her parents' home. She wrote a diary chronicling the daily adventures of Lars Porsena, the crow; Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus, the woodrat; Brave Horatius, the dog; and Michael Raphael, her great and comforting tree. The diary was published in 1920 to much acclaim, at the height of her adult career as a naturalist lecturer. The incredible childlike but clear language melts hearts.

Opal and Michael Raphael





Butterflies dance as the miracle of birth unfolds

Dancing butterflies

An original work for piano quintet was inspired by the birth of composer Hugh Chandler's daughter. Two butterflies with ten-foot wingspans emerge from the chrysalis, sun themselves, flirt and court in a mating ritual, migrate, come to rest, and begin anew.





Galisteo Campfire

Rocks in the desert inscribed with ancient images speak, a lizard dreams us into being, a medicine man heals, and a cactus sings a sun song. You will be shown what you can see.

Galisteo rock carving image