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Galisteo Campfire

Stuart Heady is a freelance writer, visual artist, and community activist. Back in 1989, Stuart wrote a poem, Galisteo Campfire, that was set to music for a chamber music ensemble in Austin, Texas. Victoria Beatty was the flutist for the ensemble, and the performances of this work brought the two together as partners in life as well as art.

A graduate of Baylor University, Heady joined the arts scene in Austin in the late 1970s and collaborated with artist Steve Ashley on an artist's book, Call or Write or Write, published in 1977. He became the director of InterArtworks, a community-based arts organization that employed a variety of artists under different grant projects to create public art. This included teaching poetry in prisons, producing sculptures in senior centers, creating murals in disadvantaged neighborhoods, as well as dance projects in different community settings in and around Austin. He also produced experimental videos for ACTV, Austin Community Television.

He became active in environmental and neighborhood political issues in Austin and spent two decades working for these causes. He was appointed to the Austin Telecommunications Commission in 1988 and served as its chair for three terms. During this time he led the effort to help the City of Austin develop a municipal perspective on 21st century telecommunications issues and helped to craft the Austin Telecommunity Partnership Initiative to address Digital Divide issues.

Since moving to Seattle in 2000, where he works as a freelance web designer and writer, he has become active in local and regional environmental and anti-war causes.

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