SPRINGKEEPER Stories to Restore the Planet

Here are a few of the stories we tell. Springkeeper's magical performances blend storytelling, classical chamber music, dance, mime, and spectacular visual effects.

Raven and the Place of Beginnings

The energetic and inventive Raven forms the world, then creates friends with whom to share it. A tale of creative renewal.

Galisteo Campfire

Ancient rocks in the desert Southwest speak. They tell of endurance, hope, and healing.

HALEAKALA: How Maui Snared the Sun

A resourceful boy captures the Sun, thus creating the summer and winter seasons, and becomes known as the Spreader of Light.

White Mares of the Moon

A Moon of White Mares gallops across the sky fleeing the hot Tiger Sun.

Opal's Book

"Someday I will write about the great tree that I love":  A sensitive child describes her love of nature and her life in an Oregon lumber camp at the turn of the century.

Dancing with the Shadow

Dancing is an apt metaphor for the dynamic balance we seek between the light and dark side of our Self.

In the Infinity Kitchen

Food for thought from a kitchen of the imagination.

The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Basket

In this traditional nursery rhyme, a starry Wanderer sweeps cobwebs among the galaxies.

Sleepers, Wake!

Our Planet calls to us through dreams and stories. Will we wake up in time?