Infinity Kitchen

We cast a wide net at the Infinity Kitchen.
Lithe swimmers, slim quick similes,
      and supple synechdoches,
Rippling allegories,
   sinuous images, and
         meaty metaphors,
Laced with a leaping quantum thought,
   a tasty canon, or the occasional
         tightly clamped koan,
Simmered (relatively) slowly, but
   yielding at last its
Spiced with green thoughts from the knot garden,
   eastern secrets, and peppered liberally with

Those accustomed to an institutional diet
Mutter dyspeptically that
   there's nothing new under the sun.
But every adventurous cook knows,
         Nourishing, and
         new combinations
are endless

Smell that steam!
   Sizzling ideas...soul food!
Served up with your choice of beverage:
   nectar of the gods
   a beaker of the warm South
   pure living water direct from the Source.

Come and get it!
         -- at the Infinity Kitchen.

by Victoria Beatty
August 1994

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