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The Garden of Origami

  • Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites (April 1998)
      The Garden of Origami
      Ori (to fold) + gami (paper) = origami, the art of paper folding. This gorgeous site offers a garland of information, from the origins and aesthetics of origami, to folding diagrams and K-12 lesson plans.
      Cool Site: April 1998

  • Yahoo: Cool Links: Arts and Humanities
    The Garden of Origami
    - comprehensive site includes the history and origins of origami, folding diagrams, resources, K-12 lesson plans, and related arts and links.

  • Yahooligans!: Art Soup: Crafts: Origami
    The Garden of Origamired sunglasses
    - if you want to learn more about the origins and history of the art of folding paper or just find detailed instructions for creating creatures, this is the site to explore!

  • Info Seek Three Star Site
    red starred starred star Garden of Origami
    Learn origami and view works at this beautiful site dedicated to the art of paper folding.
    http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~vbeatty/origami/ (Size 0.3K)

  • Knot a Braid of Links (Your Rough Guide to Mathematics on the Web)
    from the Canadian Mathematical Society
    The Garden of Origami
    This site looks at mathematics, history, and design as it relates to paper folding and contains many links to other origami resources. Start your journey by clicking on "Fly-Over".

  • Learning in Motion Top Ten Selection, April 1998
    The Garden of Origami
    Address/URL: http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~vbeatty/origami/
    Origami is not just an art, it is also a visual representation of mathematical concepts. With each fold there is a fraction. The paper becomes geometrical shapes in 3-D. This site looks at mathematics, history, and design as it relates to paper folding and contains many links to other origami resources.

  • The Orlando Sentinel : COLUMN: CYBERSCENE; SECTION: LIVING; Pg. E13; March 20, 1998

    The Garden of Origami Web page will make you feel like you wasted time making paper airplanes out of scrap paper in grade school. With the same paper and some help from the site, you could have made a bird, an insect or several other creatures.

    In addition to folding instructions, you'll learn the history of origami and what each animal represents. You'll find specialized origami, including instructions for folding money and creating origami containers.

    The site is great not only for those who want to learn to fold neat shapes, but also for those who might be interested in the history behind the art.

    You'll even find a teaching guide to help you share what you've learned.

    Address: http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~vbeatty/origami/

  • Skewl Sites Quality Education Site (May 1998)

  • The West Australian : July 7, 1998
    Cyberia, The 'Art' of Surfing, by Hal Crawford

    One craft site I found which deserves separate mention is The Garden of Origami. This well laid-out and beautiful site has loads of information on the art of folding paper, from its historical development to folding designs for everything from the classic crane to squid and other strange animals. Origami was invented in ancient China. By AD600 it had spread to Japan, where, because of the high price of paper, it was a hobby restricted to the wealthy. With the increased availability of paper and expansion in world trade, origami became a widespread art and was used by teachers in European schools and kindergartens to occupy children. Get a few sheets of square paper and try some of the designs at this site yourself.


  • iAZ Internet Architecture Zone Guest (August 1998)

  • Discover It - Best of the Web Selection (August 1998)

  • USA TODAY Hot Site:  (August 21-23, 1998)
    Origami Garden
    For anyone who has ever looked in amazement at the folded creations of origami, the Garden of Origami is a garden of delights. Tour a "galaxy of galleries" or try your hand at everything from a dragon to a winged pig. http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~vbeatty/origami/

  • Yahoo's Picks of the Week: (August 31, 1998)
    The Garden of Origami

    A beautiful look at origami, the ancient art of paper folding. This nicely designed site covers everything you'd ever want to know: origami history, lesson plans, folding patterns, and more. Of course, the best part is the diagrams. Head on over to learn how to fold everything from a swan to chair, from a beetle to a bowtie.

  • ORIGAMI: A Universe in a Single Sheet of Paper

  • USA TODAY Hot Site of the Day (November 19, 1996)
    Paper Universe
    "Ori" means to fold. And "kami" means paper. Anyone who's ever admired those wonderful Japanese creations should drop in at the Perry-Castaneda Library on the University of Texas at Austin. You'll find instructions and a historical piece.

  • Magellan: 4 Star Featured Review
    ORIGAMI: A Universe in a Single Sheet of Paper
    Topic: /Arts/Fine_Arts/Galleries/University_Galleries
    The Japanese art form that's been described as "a universe in a single sheet of paper" is taught and celebrated at this appealingly minimalist site, a tie-in to an exhibit at the University of Texas. History, techniques, bibliography, and links to sites featuring computational origami, origami poetry -- even an origami screensaver.

  • Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the web
    ORIGAMI: A Universe in a Single Sheet of Paper
    Online exhibition at the University of Texas at Austin provides a wealth of information about origami.

  • Pacific Coast Origami Conference: Top Web Sites for Origami
    UT's Origami: A Universe in a Single Sheet of Paper

    Take a look at this site! Created in order to offer information on Origami in conjunction with an Origami exhibit at the University of Texas' Library, this is a breathtaking new site. Offering a compilation of Origami bits and pieces from all over the internet, this is a model for others to follow.

  • Joseph Wu's Origami Page: Origami Sites: USA
    ORIGAMI: A Universe in a Single Sheet of Paper
    Maintainer: Victoria Beatty  Date added: 97/4/10
    One of the most beautiful origami sites I've ever seen.

  • Commendation from Harold Billings
    Director of the General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin
    "(T)his exhibit is one of the very best library-based
    digital productions in the country." (Personal communication)

    The Mythical, Mystical Sun

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