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Springkeeper is an alliance of musicians, visual artists, dancers, and storytellers. Their multimedia performances often feature new music written expressly for the group and employ masks, ritual theater, and dance to explore universal themes.


(Coming soon: specifics on the pieces listed below)


    Opal's Book (music by Hugh Chandler)
    for speaker/solo flute

    VI. Song of the Lichens


    An Odyssey of Birth (music by Hugh Chandler)
    for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

    Opal's Book (music by Hugh Chandler)
    for soprano, flute, and piano

    V. The Death of Michael Raphael
    VII. Sadie McKibben

    Raven and the Place of Beginnings
    (music by William Grear)
    for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, piano and percussion


    In the Rainforest (music by William Grear)
    for flute, English horn, clarinet, horn, organ, steel drum and percussion

    A Spell for Sleeping (music by Hugh Chandler)
    for soprano, flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, cello and piano

    The Conjure Wives (music by Victoria Beatty)
    for narrator and woodwind quintet


    Dancing with the Shadow
    (music by Eleanor Alberga; North American première)
    for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion

    Opal's Book (music by Hugh Chandler)
    for soprano, flute, and piano

    I. Introduction
    II. Opal's House
    III. Michael Raphael
    IV. Spring

    The Magic Orange Tree (music by Victoria Beatty)
    for narrator, soprano, flute, clarinet, steel drum, and percussion


    The Hickory Stick Witch
    (music by Victoria Beatty and William Grear)
    for soprano, woodwind quintet, and square dancers


i  n  d  e  x
    AEOLUS is a flute/guitar duo featuring Victoria Beatty, flutist, and Jerry Dadap, Jr., classical guitarist. From baroque to folk, their artistry mixes a perfect blend of harmony.


    Joyance (1989)

    Listen! (4.1 MB mp3 file)

    Christmas cassette graphic

    Side A
    Sussex Carol/My Dancing Day
    Coventry Carol
    The Holly and the Ivy
    Noël nouvelet
    Il est né, le Divin Enfant

    Side B
    Some Children See Him
    What Child Is This?
    Panxoliña de Nadal
    Infinite Light
    Ili Ili
    Good King Wenceslaus


    All of the costumes are original works of art. Most of them were photographed in the urban park across the street from our house. A number of early-morning joggers were delighted to round a bend and come upon outlandish trees with faces, but that's just one of the simple pleasures that goes along with living in Austin, Texas....




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